LockSelf for Start-ups and Scale-ups

LockSelf supports the growth of teams, streamlines the onboarding of new collaborators, and implements the processes of a structured organization simply.
Use cases

Simple, efficient, with a high level of security

Facilitate the onboarding of new recruits

Thanks to LockPass, as soon as a collaborator joins a team, they have two-click access to all their usernames and passwords.

Simple processes that support your growth

Share passwords by team, by department, or in project mode, and finely control who has access to what.

Simple and ergonomic

A solution that is easy to use and facilitates access to business applications thanks to browser plugins (Chrome, Firefox, Edge Chromium).

A high level of security

LockPass is the only SaaS solution certified by the French National Agency for the Security of Information Systems (ANSSI).

Ubble Utilise LockPass
They choose LockSelf

Ubble deploys LockPass for its teams

With its 10 million euros raised in 2020, Ubble is developing software to combat fraud, particularly using AI. With strong growth since its creation in 2018, the goal is to secure and simplify the management of the numerous accesses used by teams daily.

Primobox Utilise LockPass
They choose LockSelf

Primobox supports the onboarding of new collaborators with LockPass

The start-up from Gironde, specializing in the dematerialization of HR processes, has recently chosen LockPass to better manage access rights in a context of team growth.

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