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Overview of the interface : is the founding member of the future association managing the foCus Project. It contributes to the French cybersecurity network development supported by ANSSI as part of the New Industrial France (NFI) Cybersecurity action.

Business Offer

In order to guaranty the use of LockSelf in companies, you will be able to delegate the management of certain users to a dedicated manager who will be able to control and share the data Of its users.

Each sector manager will be able to define categories of passwords that will enable him to secure and control the sharing of passwords to his users.

The access to each password or to each user being controlled by the manager, it is able to define in real time the accesses of each one.

Finally, thanks to the registration of the use of the passwords, you will be able to know the history of the actions carried out on each password by your users.

Complementary solution to Single Sign (SSO): Connection to the Active Directory.

Hierarchical management of access distribution.

Possibility to install the tool on premises.

Double authentification.

Logs of data use and access.

Services to assist with the use of our platform and data migration help.

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Our security system


AES Encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard) is currently the safest and most commonly used way to secure online transactions, wireless communication or sensitive data storage. It is the most powerful device at the moment (military level).

Asymmetrical ENCRYPTION

The keys work in pairs (a public key for encryption and a private key for deciphering). Users get a pair of keys when they sign up. The private one is AES-356 encrypted thanks to a PIN code defined by the user. He is the only one to know it. Each user can take its private key back and erase it from our servers. To do so, the user will need to give it before each LockSelf use in addition to the PIN code.


Thanks to our asymmetrical encryption algorithms, the user is the single and only person who can decode his personal data. PIN code loss causes total data loss for the user. Once inserted into our system your data is not readable by our services and none of it can be used for commercial purposes.


Your data is stocked in Europe and is subject to the European data protection law.


The LockSelf website is protected by an application firewall. It acts like a security bubble positioned around the platform. The implementation of several protections on the platform such as stocked data protection, incoming and outging flow surveillance and surveillance software allowed us to obtain the PCI DSS certification (Level 1 - Exigence 6.6).


The BufBounty program authorises under certain conditions cybersecurity specialists to look for bugs and flaws on the LockSelf platform. In total our security systems repelled around 1,500 attacks during the program. The aim was to guaranty maximum security to's users.

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