Tailored Data Hosting Solutions

Attentive to addressing all of your issues and those of your partners, we offer several hosting options in both SaaS and On-Premises modes.

For those who cannot tolerate any data leaks.

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Trusted partners for cloud services.

3DS Outscale, a subsidiary of Dassault Systèmes for dedicated infrastructures, and Scaleway for a shared infrastructure.

Dedicated Cloud

A leader in sovereign cloud services in France and a longstanding partner, Outscale offers strong guarantees for hosting your data.

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Technical Characteristics

Outscale Dedicated Servers

A dedicated setup

Enjoy a fully managed dedicated infrastructure by LockSelf's teams, with monitoring, backup, disaster recovery planning, or updates.

A Customized Environment

Available with our premium offer, the dedicated cloud opens up possibilities for numerous options (SSO, AD Synchronization, White Labeling, API Access, Syslog Interconnect, etc.).

Plug & Play Installation

Your dedicated environment is available in just a few hours.


Outscale stands out with several high-level certifications, notably being the first IaaS infrastructure qualified as SECNUMCLOUD.


Shared Cloud

A hosting solution tailored to small businesses and limited teams wishing to benefit from hosting in France.

Scaleway Load Balancers
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Technical Characteristics

Scaleway Shared Servers


Your data are stored in France by a French cloud provider.

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High Availability (99.95%)

Spread across three separate data centers, LockSelf's infrastructure at Scaleway guarantees strong resilience for the application.


Scaleway commits to several certifications and standards: HDS, ISO 50001:2018, GDPR, TierIII 2014, and Swipo.

Find all their certifications here.

The Possibility of Deploying LockSelf On-Premises

Does the nature of your business or the criticality of the data managed require hosting the solution on your own servers?
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With On-Premises hosting, your teams handle the installation, hosting, and managed services.

Deployment and updates are done via Docker.

Documentation - Saas or on-premises deployment

An infrastructure managed by LockSelf or deployed on your premises.

Below you will find the prerequisites necessary for the deployment of your LockSelf environments.

Deployment support

A team dedicated to the success of your project

End-User Training

Identify key users within your teams, and we take care of the rest with product-specific training and Q&A sessions.

Admin Profile Training

Setting up rights, importing passwords, or configuring AD synchronization, we support you with custom settings for your LockSelf environment.

Awareness Campaigns

Awareness + tools, the winning duo! Adopting good practices requires simple tools... and a good understanding of cybersecurity issues.

Support en ligne

Videos, tutorials, FAQs, our knowledge base allows each user to find the right information at the right moment. The assurance of a successful deployment!

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