LockSelf for IT Service Companies and Consulting Firms

Altran in 2019, Sopra Steria in 2020, IT service companies have not been spared from attacks despite their real maturity on the subject. The reasons? Very large ecosystems that facilitate bounce-back attacks, numerous human resources multiplying entry points, and finally, the holding of high-value client information.

Securing access and information sharing

Password centralization

Many players are tasked with managing their clients' IT services. LockPass allows them to encrypt and centralize all client access via a granular and easy-to-manage tree structure.

Traceability and audit

ISO certifications, contractual requirements of end clients: the IT service companies/consulting firms we support are able to present a clear view of "Who has access to what, when, and from where?".

Share passwords simply, on a project basis

Thanks to advanced sharing features, access to client passwords for a team or a consultant, for example, can be scheduled according to the duration of a project.

Secure Data Room

Steering committees, project committees, delivery of deliverables—certain governance bodies and works require a high level of confidentiality and traceability. LockTransfer and LockFiles complementarily cover these needs.

Cybersecurity at the core of IT service companies' concerns
They choose LockSelf

Ernst & Young deploys the LockSelf suite

Highly mature on cybersecurity topics through its strong involvement with clients, Ernst & Young uses the entire LockSelf suite (LockPass, LockTransfer, and LockFiles) with a high level of demand on the hosting and integration part.

Lockself aide les équipes IT face au risque Cyber
They choose LockSelf

Nomios chooses LockPass to manage client access

Recognized in the field of IT integration and security, Nomios has chosen LockPass to centrally manage the passwords of its client portfolio.

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Background Improve your protection V1


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