LockSelf for Banks and Insurance Companies

In the banking and insurance sectors, trust is at the core of the customer relationship. With LockSelf, guarantee a high level of demand to your risk carriers (Insurance) as well as your customers (Bank).
Use cases

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Compliance with GDPR

The notion of personal data now goes beyond mere nominative information.

Banking details, marital status, and death certificate numbers are all data included in the scope of GDPR, requiring the implementation of strict tools and rules regarding their management for the Banking/Insurance sector.

Confidentiality of operations

Mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, or financing operations are carried out in a sensitive ecosystem where the protection of shared data presents a high level of criticality.

Encryption to secure practices

Asymmetric encryption with RSA, symmetric encryption with AES CBC, the LockSelf vault relies on the most robust encryption mechanisms to minimize the risks of data compromise.

Compliance in terms of hosting

Engaged in digitalizing processes and faced with the emergence of new services on the market, traditional sector players must adapt between the agility of the cloud and the security requirements of managed data (often carried by an On-Premises approach).

Les produits LockSelf chez les compagnies d'assurances
They choose LockSelf

LOCAM equips its employees with the LockSelf suite.

As part of strengthening the group's security policy, this subsidiary of Crédit Agricole provides its employees with the necessary tools for sharing sensitive data externally and for secure and centralized password management.

Protégez vos documents sensibles
They choose LockSelf

BNP Real Estate secures data sharing for its high-value projects.

Real estate projects require the sharing of numerous sensitive and contractual documents among various stakeholders. Thanks to LockFiles, the BNPRE teams can centralize the components of a file on a secure platform while controlling access rights in a granular way.

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Background Improve your protection V1


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