LockSelf for the Industrial Sector

Characterized by heavy infrastructures, industrial companies are particularly vulnerable with high risks in the event of a halt in their production means. This was the case for Saint-Gobain in 2017 with losses exceeding 200 million euros due to the NotPetya ransomware.
Uses Cases

Protecting industrial systems

Centralize password management

Limit the exposure surface by centralizing all access within the LockSelf vault.

Protect and compartmentalize access

Encrypt access to critical resources (machinery, equipment, servers) and manage rights finely according to your organization.

Securing exchanges with stakeholders

Suppliers, subsidiaries, clients: your ecosystem is often the entry point in case of an attack.

Strong authentication

Access to the LockSelf vault is subject to two-factor authentication with the possibility to interconnect the company directory. Multi-factor authentication is also possible.

They chose LockSelf

Aluminium Dunkerque secures data sharing via LockTransfer

Europe's largest aluminum foundry, Liberty Aluminium Dunkerque has opted for LockTransfer to secure exchanges with its stakeholders.

They chose LockSelf

SPIE secures document sharing with its stakeholders.

Specializing in the realization, operational support, and maintenance of industrial equipment, SPIE's IT department has chosen LockTransfer for the entire group to secure the daily uses of its employees and the data shared with its ecosystem.

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