LockSelf Supports Hospitals and Health Sector Companies

Strongly defended in the debates on our digital sovereignty, heightened attention must be paid to health data. Beyond the legal framework that must be adhered to, the health sector, and hospitals in particular, are a priority target for ransomware, requiring enhanced protection of their information systems. Au-delà du cadre juridique qui doit être respecté, le secteur de la santé, et notamment les hôpitaux sont une cible prioritaire des ransomwares nécessitant une protection renforcée de leur système d'information.
Use cases

An end-to-end approach from encryption to storage

LockTransfer - A sharing solution accessible to all

Although equipped with dedicated messaging systems (MS Santé, Apicrypt) ensuring a high level of security, hospitals have a strong need to secure the exchange of documents for agents not eligible for these messaging services.

HDH certified servers with Outscale

CSPN certification from ANSSI on the encryption part, Healthcare data hosts certification on the storage part, our end-to-end approach allows health sector players to manage and share their health data securely.

Securing usage through simple alternatives

In order to limit the sharing of sensitive data by email, the solutions offered must be simple and integrated into the employees' work environment. This is the case with LockTransfer and its Outlook/Office365 plugins.

Centralized password management at the level of the GHT

With the emergence of Territorial Hospital Groups, the need for information sharing and centralized data management among the various public health institutions is a fundamental issue on which we are intervening, particularly concerning passwords.

Souveraineté des données de santé
They choose LockSelf

The APHP chooses the LockSelf safe

Centralized password management, securing exchanges between the GHU and its stakeholders, the APHP trusts LockSelf to reduce its exposure to cyber risks and promote the adoption of good practices for agents across various establishments.

Protection des données de santé
They choose LockSelf

Atlanstat, securing data sharing with the Pharmaceutical Industry

As a company specialized in clinical research (CRO), Atlanstat must comply with numerous standards (ICH) and in particular have a clear view of "Who has access to what."

Thanks to its various traceability functions, LockTransfer covers this need while providing fluidity in exchanges through the Outlook plugin.

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